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Episode 7

Published on:

24th Oct 2019

Episode 7—Serious Health Risks

Did you know that there are no long-term health studies done on egg donors? Did you know that Lupron is not FDA approved for use in assisted reproduction? Did you know all of the long list of clinical and psychological health outcomes for donor conceived offspring, egg donors, IVF patients, and surrogates? Find out now!

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Dealing with Donor Conception
From the Creators of The Anonymous Us Project
Dealing with Donor Conception is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated donor-conceived people, parents, friends and allies, and therapists/ministers who are looking for healing, insights, and community in relation to the unique issues related to third party reproduction.

Hosted by Alana Newman, Creator of The Anonymous Us Project, the podcast features stories submitted from anonymous authors at AnonymousUs.org—but ALSO includes guest interviews and newsworthy mentions relevant to listeners.
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Alana Newman

Alana Newman has spent the last ten years understanding and publishing content related to donor conception, infertility and reproductive technologies. Her goal is to prevent and cure infertility by teaching women how to chart their cycles and introduce them to health protocols that restore their fertility. Secondly, she fosters healing and insights to donor-conceived people, parents, and therapists/ministers who are dealing with the consequences of donor-conception.